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Use These 5 Methods to Attract Luck

Posted: Wednesday, Nov 20,2019 | Time: 05:21 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff

Methods to Attract Luck

Why does one person seem to find wealth while another never succeeds at anything? Most people believe that the answer is luck. But, is it possible to attract luck? The answer is, Yes! read about some methods to attract luck.

How is this possible? How can you possibly attract luck and turn it to your advantage? Here are some popular methods to experience more luck in your life. Try them and feel a positive effect on your life. You might get lucky enough to win big in the lottery!

Positive Thinking Attracts Luck

If you’re an optimistic person who sees the glass as half full, not half empty, you are already practicing positive thinking. Research shows that an optimistic attitude can help you release stress and live longer. Can it help you win the lottery too? Absolutely.

When you quit nagging yourself and start celebrating the little victories, you can find the big wins in your life.  But with a negative attitude, you are definitely going to miss the real wins. Therefore, the first step towards attracting good luck is your positive attitude and optimism. No matter what happens to you, look for the way that it helps you succeed. Don’t let negative thoughts trick you into overlooking good luck!

Affirmations Reinforce optimism

Wake up. Look into the mirror, and tell yourself, “I am successful and I am happy.” this is an affirmation. Plant the seeds of success in your subconscious and help yourself think more positive thoughts. This attitude will help you be successful and happy. Whatever your mind conceives and believes, it can achieve.

Affirmations are always positive, in the present tense, and in the first person. Talk or write positive affirmations to yourself like, “I am open to success, I am lucky, I am a winner, etc.” And eventually, you will be.

Be careful not to make your affirmations too constraining.  For example, don’t say “I am going to win the lottery.”  Your path to wealth might not be through a winning ticket.  Instead, it might come from financial lessons you learn while planning how to manage your big win.  A better affirmation would be “I am building my wealthy lifestyle.”

Good deeds or Karma

Karma is one of the principle tenets of Hindu philosophy. In western culture karma can be summarized as “what goes around, comes around”. Doing good for others causes goodness to return to you. The more good things you do, luckier you will be. The lottery actually gives you opportunities to spread goodness.  Let senior citizens ahead of you in line. Let other people know about changes in lottery rules. Protect others from being victimized by scams.  Helping each other increases the luck for all lottery players.

Spirituality and Prayer

Many people turn to a higher power when they need to increase their luck. Some pray to God for a big win while others pray for the strength and positive attitude they need to keep playing and keep winning. You can also use some meditation or positive attitude to focus and win.

Work harder, be luckier

As Thomas Jefferson said, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." The same goes for the lotteries, the more work you put into entering lotteries, the better your chances of winning will be. If you do your homework by researching the trending numbers, gather the facts, and learn some simple math, you are more likely to win as compared to others.

Be persistent, be patient, and have a positive attitude. This is one of the best methods to attract luck. Eventually, you will win big in the lottery!

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