5 Reasons to Play Lottery

Posted: Friday, Dec 28,2018 | Time: 05:25 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff

When someone mentions the lottery, what do you imagine? A giant check with your name on it? Your name all over the headlines!  Winning a lottery is the most common dream regardless of social standards or age. Everyone likes having a healthy bank balance and financial stability. In the MegaMillions lottery, the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 302,575,350. Despite the low probability of winning, many people bet their money on the lottery. Some of the reasons to play the lottery are:  
  1. The ultimate rescue fantasy of winning millions of dollars. Imagine spending a handful of dollar bills and winning hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars! Quite fascinating, isn’t it? During struggling times at jobs or financial recession, the first thought that crosses most peoples’ mind is winning the lottery. The lottery can be the way out of a dead end job, crushing debt, or even a bad neighborhood! People with no jobs or giant medical bills often fantasize about winning. So, it is safe to say that people play the lottery out of financial misery hoping that they might win and escape the situation they are facing. Having a chance of winning a life-changing amount of money with such a small investment doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Even if one doesn’t win the jackpot, they still have the chance to win a substantial amount of money!
  1. In 1906, Ambrose Bierce published The Unabridged Devil’s Dictionary.  In this satirical book, he described a lottery as a “tax on people who are bad at math”.  But another way to say the same thing is that a lottery is a charitable donation for people who like a bit of adventure.  Most lotteries are operated to benefit schools, the elderly, and other charitable efforts. These benefits often have a local impact. Thus the satisfaction of knowing that you’re benefiting the education or healthcare facilities in your cities can be a great reason to play the lottery.
  1. One more reason to play the lottery is that it can provide a high level of excitement for a low investment! One major benefit of playing the lottery instead of other forms of gambling is low risk and a big reward. That big reward can be the start of a new business or an opportunity to work on something you’ve always dreamed about. Being your own boss after winning a fairly big jackpot can be quite a lucrative proposition. However, you might want to focus on managing that money first.
  1. Just as the government often uses lottery revenue to pursue good works, some people dream about being a philanthropist and doing their own good work.  Winning a lottery can create just such an opportunity for them. Giving back to the community can really give you a sense of satisfaction. Imagine you are contributing to someone’s happiness and changing the lives of those in need.  Doing so can be amazingly satisfying.
  1. Lastly, the ability to quit a dead-end job can be the reason to play the lottery! The job that you really don’t love.  The job you have to convince yourself to get out of the bed and go to just to pay your bills. Winning a lottery can give you a way out and offers you the opportunity to pursue something you really love doing!

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