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Don’t End Up Losing Your Jackpot!

Posted: Friday, Dec 07,2018 | Time: 12:57 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Imagine the scene: You are lucky enough to win the lottery, but now you can’t figure where you’ve placed your ticket. You purchased a ticket like any other task you do every day and did not think that you really would win the big fat jackpot and now you can’t recall where your ticket is. So, what happens next? Here are some tips for you to ensure that if you win the jackpot, you don’t let the prize slip through your fingers!

1. Basic steps to secure lottery tickets

First things first, when you purchase a ticket make sure that the numbers and dates are correct. Always check twice before submitting it. The next thing you need to do is protect yourself by signing the back of the ticket. Do this even if it’s not a winner. The signature on the back of the ticket represents that it belongs to you in case it’s stolen or lost. Also, keep your ticket in a safe place. If you know you have a winning ticket, people with not-so-good intentions may try to steal it. Finally, check your number through an online terminal or newspaper. Don’t hand over your ticket to a clerk. You might want to read about the types of scams before you hand over your ticket to a clerk.

2. Never assume that it won’t happen to you

You might act carelessly because you think that it won’t happen to you. You don’t keep your ticket safe because you think you won’t win or you’d never be stupid enough to misplace or lose your million-dollar ticket. Well, ask 8 billion dollars worth of winners from the UK who missed out on their jackpots because they did lose or misplaced their ticket. So, keep your ticket safe or just imagine how miffed you’d be if something like this happened to you!

3. Know all the rules

If you’ve been playing the lottery the same way from the same supermarket for years, make sure you are aware of the current rules. Lottery corporations are updating their rules to ensure privacy and security and to avoid scams. These changes are mostly in your interest, but they could impact your winnings. Know the current rules and make the most out of them!

4. You lost it! Now what?

With the modified rules and regulations, the National Lottery Of US is undoubtedly making improvements in their ticket tracking techniques. For instance, if it’s not 100% clear who purchased the ticket, the law favors the person in possession of the winning ticket. But if you can prove with CCTV camera footage or receipts or any other strong proof that you’re the actual owner of the winning ticket, the court will favor rewarding the money to you. But if you can’t prove that then it goes to the person who actually has the ticket.

5. Consider other alternatives

Go for the online lottery playing option as it's a less risky and more environment-friendly method of playing the lottery. Visit official lottery sites for genuine information and results. You can find information about results, rules, claiming a prize, tax, and other formalities. The major advantage of purchasing the ticket online is that there is transaction data that is the definitive proof that you own the ticket. So, consider the above tips and never let a jackpot slip through your fingers because of a small mistake. You might regret it your whole life!

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