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Turn a Loss into A Win with Second Chance Lottery Draws

Posted: Tuesday, Jan 01,2019 | Time: 12:27 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


You felt lucky, bought a lottery ticket, but your number didn’t come up? Do you ever play the lottery but not win anything? Though it may feel like it, losing the lottery drawing is not the end of the game. Even if you’ve lost you can turn that loss into a potential win if you’re in the right place at the right time! Read on to find out how!

What is a second-chance draw?

Many US lotteries offer a feature called a second-chance drawing which allows losers to have another shot at winning. Prizes range from $100 to $10,000, depending upon the lottery. In the USA, 43 out of 44 lotteries offer a second-chance draw.

What is the eligibility criteria to enter a second-chance drawing?

Eligibility criteria to enter the second-chance drawings are pretty simple. Although it can vary depending upon the lottery, the most common criteria to enter a second-chance drawing is-
  1. You need to have a losing ticket to enter the second-chance drawing. That sounds harsh but these contests are usually open to the losers only!
  2. Your ticket should not be past the deadline to claim a prize (for most states this is  180 days or more). So, if you find a losing ticket in your purse/wallet or car or even the trash it can be valid to enter the second-chance.
  3. You aren’t entered in the second-chance drawing automatically. You need to send your losing tickets to the state lottery via mail.

What are the odds of winning second-chance draws?

The odds of winning second-chance draws vary by state. In most cases, the winning odds are not dependent on the numbers on the ticket but are dependent on the number of participants in the second drawing. Therefore, with the fluctuating number of participants, the odds of winning the second-chance draw also fluctuate. For example, consider the Wisconsin Pick3 lottery game. The odds of winning the first prize in the game is 1 in 1,000, but in the second-chance game, you can win $1000.  If 13,000 people entered the second chance game and they pick 10 winners every week, the odds of winning the prize is 1 in 1,300.

How to play second-chance draws?

To enter the second-chance draw, you need to mail your losing tickets or deliver them physically. Some states like Massachusetts or California allow players to enter through their mobile app by entering the information in required fields or scanning the ticket. If you are in a state that doesn’t have this policy, you are at a great disadvantage as entering the lottery draw online quick and easy! But don’t feel bad because some states allow you to make as many entries you want (or the tickets you have) for the single drawing, which certainly increases your odds of winning the second-chance draws. Are you wondering whether it’s worth it? Remember that you can do this without additional investment, so there is no harm in trying your luck with the loser ticket! You might win this time!

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