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5 Rules You Should Apply Before Entering an Office Lottery Pool

Posted: Wednesday, Dec 12,2018 | Time: 12:16 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


People try various unique, unusual, and creative techniques to win a jackpot. They purchase software or books, some pick birth dates as numbers, some leave it up to the Quick Pick method, some stick to the same number, some analyze past winning numbers.  And then there’s the lottery pool. When the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 259 million, a single player has a small change of hitting the jackpot. To improve those odds, entering a pool can be the most reasonable technique. You can increase your odds of winning without spending any extra money. But after a big win, the excitement and shock of winning can soon turn into nasty disputes and a series of lawsuits. The most common dispute related to office lottery pools is that someone will claim that they purchased the ticket personally and it wasn’t the part of the office pool. For groups which regularly participate in lottery pools, another common problem is when someone played in the past but didn’t participate in the pool the week of the win.  In this situation, the person who didn’t play may feel that they should receive part of the winnings. When there is a dispute, money can be tied up for months or years until the issues are resolved completely. The good news is there are some ground rules you can use to avoid such situations. Apply these 5 rules to enjoy your big win with your co-workers happily-

1. Name a Representative

Name a leader or representative of the office lottery pool who is willing to be in charge of the lottery pool. That person will be responsible for buying tickets, making copies, keeping tickets safe, checking numbers etc.

2. Create a Written Contract

Create a simple contract in a plain language that clarifies the big issues including who is playing, how often, how much, how numbers would be chosen, how lottery payment will be received and every other thing that needs to be specified in the contract. Make every participant sign the contract and the ticket as well.

3. Make it Public

Keep the contract transparent by asking everyone to sign it. Make a public list of who has signed the contract and who is participating so there is no uncertainty about who is involved and what the conditions are!

4. Make copies of tickets

This rule is important as it will avoid the excuse of “I bought this ticket personally”. Make the copies of the tickets and give every participant of the pool a copy to avoid such disputes.

5. Keep the Tickets Safe

It should be no surprise that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed Mega Millions jackpots due to the lost tickets. To avoid such an incident, make sure that the representative is responsible enough to keep the original ticket in a safe place and doesn’t lose the ticket. Stick to these tips if you want to play an office pool and want to avoid the drama of disputes and lawsuits if you win. It can help you avoid disputes and will let you enjoy your big win.

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