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Woman Won $600 Million But Isn’t Able to Claim It Due To Her “Huge Mistake”

Posted: Saturday, Dec 15,2018 | Time: 12:31 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


A New Hampshire woman was the only person to correctly chose all six Powerball numbers when the jackpot stood at $559.7 million. But the money is still unclaimed because she hasn’t turned the ticket in. The reason is not that she doesn’t want the money or that she lost the ticket. Instead, she simply wants to claim the prize anonymously. In New Hampshire, lottery players can’t claim a jackpot anonymously. You must either claim it under your name or under a trust’s name. People use trusts to hide their name. But once you sign the ticket, you can’t claim the prize under the name of the trust. The woman says, on 6 Jan, after the drawing she signed the back of the ticket. She wasn’t aware of the rules as she was just following the instructions given on the ticket. But now she has filed a complaint in Hillsborough Superior Court in Nashua, N.H. claiming that it was a “huge mistake”. She is hoping that a court order will allow her to collect her winnings anonymously. However, state lottery’s spokesperson claimed the state’s Right To Know allows them to reveal the identity of the winner. The only loophole to claim the ticket is to write the name of trust on the back of the ticket. But the lady already signed her name on the back of the ticket and ruined her chance to win anonymously. Steven Gorden, attorney of the woman asked the court for permission to white out her name and can replace it with the name of a trust. But the lottery officials said that any change would invalidate the ticket and she would lose her winnings. New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlies McIntyre released a statement saying, “the Hampshire Lottery understands that winning a jackpot worth $560 million is a life-changing event and we respect her choice that she wants to claim the prize money anonymously but we are tied to state laws and protocols.” Attorney Gorden argues that privacy is the foremost concern for the lady who wants to use the money for good.  Her plans are to donate a significant proportion to the trust while remaining “a silent witness to these good works.” Gordon says he wants to continue working for his client to offer her the freedom of walking into a grocery store without having to fear for their safety or being the targeted as the winner of a half-billion dollars. He further says that he calls her “an engaged community member” who represented another Powerball winner of $487 million prize money in 2016 but remained anonymous by claiming the prize under the name of trust named “Robin Egg 2016 Nominee Trust” with his lawyer serving as his trustee. They also posted a blog saying “do not sign the ticket because if you do, it will lose the confidentiality and becomes public resulting in you losing the chance of going anonymous.” So always be prepared to win, who knows today might be your day! And do not attempt anything foolish, sometimes it is difficult to know the right thing to do!

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