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Addressing Overlooked Issues in Office Lottery Pools

Posted: Thursday, Dec 13,2018 | Time: 12:51 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


With Mega Millions fever sweeping the nation, lottery pools are popping up in offices everywhere. Lottery pools are one of the most genuine techniques to increase your odds of winning in an affordable way. The daily grind at the office can be monotonous and a lottery pool can spice things up. Lottery pools can be a source of entertainment and offer a chance to get to know people from different departments. But after a while, your colleagues can lose interest in the lottery or disputes can form. To keep your lottery pool entertaining and conflict-free, keep the following rules in mind-

What to do with smaller prizes?

A lottery pool doesn’t guarantee a million-dollar win. But it’s easy to win $5 rather than $50 million. Dividing $5 amongst 50 people can be difficult and most people don’t really care about such a win; however, in the long run, small wins can cause big issues. You have two options for handling small wins. You can either divide the small sum among the participants or you can use the money to buy tickets for the next draw.  It is best to always use the same technique and to let people know what will be done with small winnings before the drawing is held. Two important factors to consider are whether people will be putting more money into the pool for future drawings and whether new people will be allowed to join the pool for future drawings.  If people are putting more money into the pool or new people are joining the pool, rolling small winnings back into the pool can complicate the distribution of any large winnings.

What if someone doesn’t want to participate?

Don’t pressure co-workers to participate in an office lottery pool.  Pressuring people to play can bring the worst kind of luck to a lottery pool.  Not only can this rob others of the joy of playing, but it can create divisions which impact other aspects of the work environment.  This is particularly important if you are in a supervisory role because pressuring someone to participate can be seen as applying undue influence on employees.  If you ask someone to participate and they say they don’t want to, don’t ask them again.

Do lottery Pool Work?

Although it’s difficult to beat the long odds and win the jackpot, there are many instances you can read here about lottery pools winning big. The chance of winning a jackpot is very low and there is no secret which can guarantee your win. A lottery pool is still a long shot but it can slightly increase your chances. So, go ahead and play if you want to win!

Are lottery pools even legal?

Check your state lottery rules before entering an office pool. Depending on your jurisdiction, lottery pools may be illegal. Lottery pools are basically a form of gambling. Although US federal law doesn’t prohibit gambling, it does prohibit gambling across state lines.  A lottery pool which attempts to get around this law may experience legal complications.  Additionally, state laws vary in how they handle lottery pools (for instance, some states allow members of a pool to individually chose an annuity or lump-sum while others require the whole pool to select the same option). Therefore, research your state’s gambling laws before chipping your money into the office lottery pool.

Does your workplace allow you to play lottery pools?

In addition to checking state laws, confirm the policies of your workplace as well. In some workplaces, gambling is a serious offense that can get you fired. Operating a lottery pool may be viewed as an offense by your employer.  If you don’t want to lose your job, make sure that your workplace does not prohibit lottery pools. This is particularly true if you’re working as a civilian at a government facility. So, be aware of the rules and don't break them intentionally or unintentionally. With all these considerations,  you should lay some basic ground rules for how the lottery pool will operate before money exchanges hands. If you’re entering the pool without setting any protocols or at least some ground rules, just on the basis of trust, it might end up in bitter experience. To avoid unnecessary drama and disputes, read some basic tips to follow here.

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