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Aunt-Nephew Dispute on $1.2 Million Lottery Prize

Posted: Monday, Apr 22,2019 | Time: 05:48 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


The Incident

This incident happened in August of 2018. A woman named Barbara Reddick sued her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis after the grand prize of a “Chase the Ace” lottery drawing was split between the two of them. According to Barbara, she put her nephew’s name on the ticket for good luck and they agreed to split the winnings if they won a consolation prize. But they ended up winning the jackpot worth $1.2 million, which means, each of them would get $611,319.50.

According to Barbara, her nephew was lucky, but  “borrowing” his luck wasn’t worth half a million dollars. As reported in the media, Barbara had bought $100 worth of tickets for the charity drawing in Margaree Forks, Nova Scotia.

I am taking my nephew to court

When Barbara was posing for the photo-op with Chase the Ace in July, she announced that she was taking her nephew to court over the half a million dollars he was taking home. She followed through with the claim and filed a lawsuit against her nephew in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Port Hawkesbury. Despite viewing him as a son before the win, she is no longer on speaking terms with her nephew since the July 12 drawing. She said, “he broke my heart.”

She reported that before Tyrone claimed his half of the jackpot, she was planning on giving him $150,000 in winnings. After Barbara filed the lawsuit, the judge froze the lottery jackpot. They were asked to have an agreement conference on September 17, 2018. After five hours of meditation, Barbara and Tyrone agreed to share the money. Barbara’s lawyer said she will receive $261,319 from Tyrone, leaving him with $350,000 and Barbara walked out with a total of $872,639. Both parties are satisfied with the settlement and they are looking forward to putting this matter behind them.

How lottery affects relationships

Winning a lottery can turn your life upside down and affect your personal relationships as well. When it comes to this kind of money, you must be precise about the distribution of the money up front in order to avoid conflicts. Although there was no contract between Barbara and her nephew and the ticket was purchased with Barbara’s money; she ended up giving $350,000 to him just because she used his name for good luck. Barbara served the Royal Canadian Navy for 23 years and did not have children of her own.  She treated Tyrone as her own son. She hopes to reconcile her relationship with her nephew. When you play the lottery, always be prepared to win.

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