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Can’t Get in Touch With Lottery Companies?

Posted: Wednesday, Oct 24,2018 | Time: 05:10 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Do you think that you might have won the lottery? Do you feel uncomfortable carrying around a million-dollar ticket and showing it to a convenience store clerk? There are a number of methods to get in touch with the lottery which may help you. Different states or lottery corporations offer varying methods to communicate with them:

Start with Your Ticket

In many cases, the ticket itself provides information about how to contact the lottery corporation. This can be the best way to get contact information because it ensures that you have the correct information. While you are looking at the ticket, you should sign the back to provide yourself basic protection against theft.

Official Website

The official website is the recommended way to collect information. The website offers a wide range of information such as the legal playing age, existing or coming games, instructions on how to play, procedures to claim a prize, drawing results, terms and conditions, and privacy notices. Some websites also offer FAQs (frequently asked questions) to clear up any doubts or uncertainties. Finding information over the official website can also protect you from frauds or lottery scams. Just make sure the website is legitimate. You can always find the link to the official website on the back of the ticket.


A safe and easy way to handle most queries is to email your lottery corporation or state lottery. Bear in mind that these may be two different organizations. The state lottery is a government agency that manages the laws and taxes associated with the lottery and the lottery corporation is a business operating the lottery for the state. Visit the lottery’s website to find the email. Be prepared that you may experience a delay in getting a response to your email. Additionally, do not provide personal information in your initial email to the lottery.

Telephone calls

Although most state lotteries offer a “hotline number” or “customer services number”, you might not be able to use it. During large drawings, the telephone lines operated by the lottery can be overwhelmed. You also might have to struggle with a computer answering system that is not able to provide anything more useful than basic information. If you are able to reach a human operator, they rarely give information regarding drawing results over the phone for security purposes.  However, they can provide useful information regarding how to claim a prize and the location of the nearest claim center. Look for the hotline number on the back of your ticket or at the official websites.


Newsletters are often provided through lottery retailers. Newsletters give out information like existing and coming games, special promotions, winning stories, fraud stories, and winning numbers. While this can provide credible information, newsletters often are not timely and may not address your more detailed questions.

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