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How Can You Pick The Winning Numbers For Surging Powerball And Mega Millions Jackpots?

Posted: Monday, Jan 11,2021 | Time: 08:49 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


The lottery fever is surging high!

With no winner drawn out of the last drawing, the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots have escalated to $550 Million and $600 Million respectively. The next drawings for these million-dollar jackpots will be held on Thursday, January 14, and Tuesday, January 12, 2021. The estimated cash value for Powerball is $411.4 million and for Mega Millions is $442.4 million. So, all of you lottery players out there, keep your

eyes gazed on the Big Money!

How Can You Pick The Winning Lottery Numbers For Mega Millions and Powerball!

With such high prize money on the line, people are using a variety of techniques to boost their luck a Win! Let’s have a look at some of the ways, being used by people in picking their lottery numbers:

Numbers With Personal Significance

If you are someone who believes in lucky numbers, then certainly you belong to this category. There are some people who play the number sequence they consider lucky. People belonging to this group select their lottery numbers that center around important dates or events in life. This means, for example - you might pick your grandmother’s birth date, month, and year along with your mother’s birth date, month, and year. By picking such numbers you create a mix of significant numbers. These significant lucky numbers may include -

➥Birthdays - The birth dates of anyone close to your family.

➥Anniversaries - This includes anniversary dates or even months of a particular event.

➥Age- Use of age either your own or someone dear, is quite a common practice.

➥Phone numbers - Smart breaking down of phone numbers has also turned out to be lucky numbers for some.

➥Addresses - Your current or childhood address, is another tactic used by people these days.

But there are few strategy players who avoid this technique. They believe that numbers with personal significance to you are likely to be used by others too. Suppose you are using birth dates, you will tend to focus your numbers between 1-31. This is the very reason strategy players avoid this technique. Because it increases the likelihood of sharing the jackpot if you win. But “if” stands as an important factor here, because sharing a million-dollar jackpot is much better than not winning a share at all. With all these significant numbers in mind, you can check their probability and frequency of winning.

Random Number Generator

There are websites that have a number generator that is specifically designed for lottery picks. It is basically a secured computerized system, used in place of ball draw machines in certain jurisdictions or for certain games, which draws random numbers for lottery games. The advantage is that these random numbers might turn out to be the winning lottery numbers as well for you.

High-Frequency Numbers

High-Frequency numbers also known as hot numbers are drawn most often in any given lottery in any given time frame. Some players choose their winning numbers on these trends. They believe that if a number has been drawn more often in the past it will continue to be drawn in the future. To check out the current hot numbers of your favorite lottery, as well as how good your selected numbers will perform, get your hands on the Tightness Test

Numbers Based On Last Drawings

Now there are a few of us, who track the patterns of the last lottery numbers drawn. The Transition Matrix is a tool that detects the patterns in the sequence of numbers drawn from a lottery machineDeciding your numbers based on this pattern too might lead to a Win for you

Office Pools

Office lottery pool is a method of increasing your odds of winning, without having to pay more. In this, a large group of people buys lottery tickets (pools) without paying extra. This method increases your chance of winning in exchange for a smaller portion of the jackpot. Lottery pools are a way of increasing your odds of winning without increasing the risk of losing your financial investment.

Lottery Wheeling

Lottery wheeling is a method wherein you can choose a subset of numbers and can purchase multiple combinations of those numbers. This system is also known for increasing the odds of winning in the lottery. A lottery wheel ensures that every ticket you have purchased is unique. And, a lottery wheel can also provide a limited assurance that the player will win some small amount.

Buying All The Lottery Tickets

Now, this point might amaze many of you, but this is a fact. There are few people who try to buy as many as possible lottery tickets. But this action also requires you to fill in the numbers quite strategically to claim a win.

Irrespective of which method of picking lottery numbers you go for, strategic analysis of the data is a must. With an in-depth analysis of the lotteries, you can assess the frequency and probability of how well your numbers have and will perform which may turn out to be really advantageous in grabbing those winning lottery numbers!

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