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How To Claim a Pool-Win in Minnesota

Posted: Monday, Nov 26,2018 | Time: 02:17 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Playing in a group, whether it’s family, friends, or co-workers, is always more fun. Pool-play ultimately increases the excitement and the chances of winning. In pool-play, you buy lotto tickets in bulk by combining your wager with others in the pool. But a lot of us don’t give much thought about what to do when we actually win. Here are some tips for players playing in Minnesota. We like the Minnesota lottery because they try to make the process relatively simple. Here is everything you need to know about claiming a prize with a group of people:


Before buying tickets, sort out the following issues:  who do you want to involve? How many tickets will the pool buy?  How will winnings be split?  What if the pool wins a small amount that can’t be easily divided among the players?  What if the pool wins free tickets?  Make sure everyone understands the plans. Forming the plan beforehand can save you from unnecessary conflicts. Sharing the agreement verbally is wise, but putting the plan in writing can be more beneficial (especially because putting things in writing helps you think through the process).  Then, make sure everyone else agrees. Finally, it might sound obvious, but make sure that the distribution of winnings doesn’t exceed 100% of the jackpot.

Designate a Pool Representative

The entire process can be chaotic without a representative who is leading the pool. It is best to designate a representative, who has the responsibility of signing the back of the tickets, keeping the tickets safe, and checking the results after the drawing. For handling such a responsibility, the representative must be one of the claimants.

Determine when to claim the Prize

In the Minnesota lottery game, winners have about one year to claim their prize from the date of the drawing. Decide how you want to get paid (as lump cash or annuity?). Depending upon the procedure, it can take up to a couple of weeks to complete.

Claim your winning

After matching your ticket, visit the lottery headquarters in Roseville together to claim your winnings. The validation procedure can take some time and each member of the pool will be required to complete a claim form. Remember to bring your government-issued photo ID cards with you. Once the necessary documentation and paperwork are done and the ticket is handed over, the Minnesota lottery crew gets busy with further processing. The number of claimants determines the time required by the entire procedure.

Get ready for the Limelight

In Minnesota, lottery winners cannot remain anonymous, but they are also not obligated to do any kind of photo shoot or interview. However, the lottery commission would love to share the stories and promote their winners. If you want to taste the limelight, get the camera ready. They make the coolest lottery memorabilia for fun keepsakes. So, get out there, get photographed and enjoy your win with your group.

Share your story and get paid!

Claiming a pool price is a fun event for all the winners. Recall how you found out that you were a winner, talking about the reactions and expectations. You get paid in front of the media if you agree to share your story. You will be paid as you choose to get paid. So, play the lottery with the people you trust and take your winnings. Sit back and think what you will do with the windfall!

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