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Playing the Lottery Responsibly: Know The Rules

Posted: Saturday, Feb 09,2019 | Time: 10:29 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Here at TheLotteryLab, we encourage people to play the lottery and to do so smartly.  But from time to time we meet people who play the lottery in a way that it makes us cringe. There is nothing wrong with buying a lottery ticket so long as you don’t affect your other expenses. The lottery gives us the opportunity to make a huge amount of money but doing so irresponsibly in hope of sudden wealth can lead us to the point where we are left with nothing. To be responsible, we recommend the following tips-

Never Borrow Money

Jackpots can be huge nowadays and there is a natural temptation to play big. Playing the lottery is fine so long as you can afford the amounts you play. Punching a hole in your budget is irresponsible and foolish. Playing the lottery is gambling, not a savings account.  If you borrow money from others to play the lottery, it’s going to be a problem for you in the future. Avoid playing when you can’t afford it, there is no guarantee that the money you’re using to play will return to you.

Know Your Limits

There is no doubt that playing the lottery can be so tempting that you might spend more than you were supposed to. Playing the lottery can consume a significant amount of your resources.  It is wiser to back off before you start spending your savings.  Playing with your savings can lead to bankruptcy and make you regret playing. If you feel the temptation to play more and more money on the lottery, you should make an allotment in your monthly or weekly budget plan for playing the lottery. It will prevent you from crossing your limits and will help you keep your savings.

Don’t Act Impulsively

Jackpot amounts can be huge, even breaking into the billions but you need to keep yourself under control. It’s natural to want to win the jackpot but having outbursts when you lose does nothing for you. You might want to take a step back if lottery results start to affect you emotionally. You can lose control of your logical thinking if you give way to abrupt actions and moods. Make sure that the lottery remains a game or hobby for you. Step away if you start to feel it as a passion or addiction. Playing the lottery can facilitate compulsive gambling and it may be too late when you realize what is happening.

Know How to Get Help

Here’s the most important thing.  We want you to keep playing the lottery.  The lotteries want you to keep playing.  And that means that we want you to play responsibly.  If you need help, the National Council on Problem Gambling provides state-by-state guides for assistance (

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