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Tips to Avoid Lottery Scams

Posted: Thursday, Oct 18,2018 | Time: 05:18 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Crooks are cleverer, that is how they manage to fool us. They’ve been tricking people into their scams for centuries and they are always looking for new techniques. Now, with new technologies and old scamming tricks, it can be even easier for scammers to take advantage of you.

Here are some precautions which can save you from lottery scammers-

  1.  First, recognize the impostors. A fraudster can pull his stunts only if he manages to gain your trust. Therefore,  a  con man will always pose as someone you trust like a friend, family member, government official, business authority, or charity. You don’t have to avoid these people, just avoid trusting them.  Don’t give them anything right away, whether it’s your name, personal details, or money.
  2.  Don’t trust the caller ID flashed on your cellphone.  Technology makes it easy to deceive you. Tricksters can use a fake number or name through technology.  But when they ask for money or personal details, you will know who they are.  I recommend you to hang up!
  3.  Do the research and collect information before trusting a call, text, or email. Search online or talk to genuine authorities. Make online researches with the name of the people or organizations along with keywords like “scams”, “reviews” or “complaints”. Scammers always want you to make decisions in a hurry.  You can’t get enough time to verify their credibility.
  4.  Never, I repeat never,  make upfront payments for a promise. Fraudulent callers will ask you to make advanced payments for credit offers, debt relief, loan offers, mortgage assistance, etc. They will tell you that you’ve won a huge prize but you need to pay taxes or courier charges first. Once you make the payment guess what happens to the prize? It disappears!
  5.  Finally, when you answer a call and hear a recorded sales pitch, just hang up. It will be nothing but a waste of your time. These calls are not only fake but illegal. You should just report it right away. Never press 1 to speak to a person as it could lead to more call sessions. Click here to read more.

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