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What Numbers Should You Bet On - Hot or Cold? To win Your Jackpot!

Posted: Thursday, May 07,2020 | Time: 07:38 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


A statistic has been floating around that nearly 25% of all Americans consider winning the lottery a strategy for building wealth.


This has to be a joke!! Right?

Unfortunately, not...

J.G. Ballard aptly expresses this idea, “But a lottery isn't meaningless. Someone has to win.”

This is why a considerable number of people play the lottery and expect to win.

And in order to win, you need to buy a lottery ticket, because “Luck is not as random as you think. Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it.”

When you are about to buy a lottery ticket, you probably wonder, “what numbers should I choose?” You start searching for various blogs, tricks, and tips on how to win the lottery! But how many of these techniques or software packages actually work in helping you pick the winning numbers? How many of them offer a “guaranteed” win?

Over the long term, winning a lottery requires your effort. Efforts for developing the practical knowledge of how a lottery system, works, analysis of past or already drawn lottery numbers, analysis of lottery machine behavior, patience, and most importantly self-confidence.

The first step in winning your jackpot is to pick your numbers “mindfully”. You need to stress on the world "mindfully" because only a strategic lottery play has higher chance of helping you win a lottery.

The game of lottery is all about picking the “winning” numbers. Until and unless you pick the ones that match the digits drawn, they are of absolutely no use. But how can we predict the lottery numbers? Should we bet on - “Hot” or “Cold” Lottery numbers to win? To know which numbers may improve your odds of winning, you need to analyze the past results of the lottery you are playing. A good lottery data analysis will help you know which numbers have been recently drawn and which haven’t. You should analyze a minimum of 50 results to come to a decent conclusion. But where can you view a huge list of results? Don’t fret!

We got you covered!

Suppose, we want to check the past results for Lucky For Life offered by the North Carolina Lottery. You just need to select your favorite lottery and click on “Past Results”.

That easily, you’ll be provided with a curated list of results.

Now, comes the analytical part. For the best results, you need to understand what are “Hot” and “Cold” lottery numbers really are.

The Lottery Lab Does All the Hard Work For You!

What are “Hot” numbers?

Hot numbers are the numbers that are drawn more frequently by a lottery machine than expected. Or you could say, hot numbers are picked most often by a lottery machine. These numbers have appeared the greatest number of times in a specific period.

What are “Cold” numbers?

Cold numbers are numbers that are drawn less frequently by a lottery machine overall. This means that a cold number may have been drawn recently, but it has been drawn below average in the overall number of drawings. These numbers have not appeared the greatest number of times in a specific period.


Which of these categories of numbers are more likely to improve your odds of winning?

The answer to this question lies in the overall behavior of the individual lottery machine.

But how do you detect the overall behavior of the individual lottery machine?

This is when the tightness test comes into play. This test helps in determining the answer to your question - which type of numbers will ultimately assist in winning your jackpot.

The Tightness Test uses ingenious mathematical methods to determine whether a specific drawing machine is favoring hot or cold numbers.

How Does The Tightness Test Work?

To understand the workings of the Tightness Test, it is vital to learn how to assess the frequency of your winning numbers. Frequency analysis lets you compare the observed frequency of the numbers and their expected frequency. Let’s have a look at the Frequency Chart for the Lucky For Life numbers.

The Lottery Lab Frequency Analysis Tool plots the frequency of the individual ball that appears and the “zone” in which each ball lands.

What are “Zones”?

To derive the most out of the lottery data, statisticians treat the observed datasets as a single outcome from the universe of all possible experiments. The zones are based on this perspective. First is the “Green Zone”, for a machine that is operating normally, roughly 66% of all the lottery balls should fall into this green zone. The second zone is the “Yellow Zone” and for a machine that is operating normally, approximately 95% of all balls should fall between the yellow lines. The “Red Zone” is next and almost 99% of all balls should fall between these red lines. And less than 1% of all balls are expected to fall outside of these red lines.

Let’s Put The Tightness Test To Work!

In the figure below, we have focused on fewer numbers for easier understanding. In the figure, ball #6 falls in the green zone and is behaving the way we would expect it to. And in the same period of time, ball #4 falls in the red zone and might suggest that it is a “cold” number and is due to be drawn soon.

The Tightness Test measures how “tightly” the balls hold to the expected frequency. A machine with balls that lie very close to the expected values is called a “tight” machine. And in the same period, a machine with balls which vary from the expected values is called a “loose” machine.

Let’s check the pattern of the lottery machine and the “hot” and “cold” numbers for the Lucky For Life of North Carolina Lottery, covering the full datasheet and all the records.

What were the “Hot” and “Cold” numbers for all this while?

You can alter the selected time period and data range according to your preference. This makes your analysis quite easy!

We incorporate the latest information so that we can offer you the best information when you play the lottery.

Now, breaking up the ice!

If a machine is “tight” and is also expected to remain tight, then we would expect that numbers which have not been drawn recently, will be drawn soon. Consequently, “Cold” numbers are more likely to be drawn.

If a machine is “loose” and is also expected to remain “loose”, then we would expect that numbers which have been drawn recently, will be drawn again. Consequently, “Hot” numbers are more likely to be drawn.

Points To Remember!

Every drawing machine has its own tightness score.

● If there are two machines in a single game, both can behave differently and can have a different tightness score.

  • Double your lottery numbers before placing the actual bet. 

Well, randomness is certain, and we cannot guarantee its definite help. However, you can deploy The Lottery Lab Tools to observe the charts and patterns of drawings, the machines, and the balls. There is a chance, if you have carefully applied our “hot” and “cold” numbers analysis and the behavior of a machine through our tightness test and pick your next lottery numbers, you might match more than usual numbers!

As we all sit back in our houses, quarantined, due to the spread of COVID-19, you should make use of this period by brushing up your skills in playing the lottery. So that, whenever you pick your next lottery numbers, you don’t miss the chance, while patience and practice remains the key to your winning!

Stay Safe, Stay Positive, and Take Very Good Care Of Yourselves!

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