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Luck, Fraud, or Pure Genius?

Whether it is winning a large sum or winning more than once, there are numerous fascinating stories about lottery legends.  You might have heard some of these stories before and wonder where they are now. Let’s have a look- 1. Zhao Liqun Why we find him interesting? Zhao Liqun’s story is a sad one.  Zhao Liqun is serving jail time for the stunt he pulled. He was the owner of three lottery stalls in Anhan province in China. He discovered a loophole in the lottery and used that loophole to scoop up a total of 28 million yuan (around $3.76 million). The loophole allowed a 5-minute window to players to purchase a ticket after the draw for the same draw. Technically it was a glitch that the lottery was responsible for, but government officials sentenced Zhao Liqun to a life sentence. Where is he now? He is currently serving his life sentence in prison, with all his property confiscated by the government. 2. Stefan Mandel

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