Richard Lustig: His Assumptions, His Secrets, His Story, and His Book

Richard Lustig is a well-known name amongst regular lottery players. Some idolize him whereas others just think of him as a lucky fraud. Richard Lustig won seven times in the lottery. Considering the low odds of winning a lottery even once, it is exceptional that someone could win the lottery seven times. That is what made people curious about Lustig.  They all want to know how he managed to pull off his wins. According to Lustig, he made his own strategy and followed it thoroughly which resulted in multiple wins. He developed the strategy over many years of playing the lottery. Who is Richard Lustig? Everyone knows Richard Lustig as a 7-time lottery winner. Richard is a resident of Florida who made headlines as a man who won the lottery seven times. He scored those wins between 1993 and 2010. He managed to scoop up a total of $1 million or more. Unlike most lottery winners, he enjoyed the limelight and successfully made a business out of his success.

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