The rules governing claiming a multi state ticket are determined by the state the ticket was purchased in. Select a state to know the corresponding claiming rules

Congratulations On Winning!

  • As per the rules by DC Lottery, your original winning ticket is the only valid receipt for prize claims.
  • Your lottery ticket is a bearer instrument, which means anyone who possesses the ticket is the winner.
  • It is mandatory to double-check your numbers and sign the back of your ticket for authentication.
  • You can claim your DC Lottery prizes before the deadline, i.e. 180 days from the date of the drawing, else your winnings will be fortified.
  • Prize claims for any amount can be mailed to the DC Lottery’s prize center.
  • If you are mailing your winning ticket, it is mandatory to complete the claim form and attach a copy of your signed government-issued ID card (including driver's license, U.S. passport, passport issued by a foreign government, social security number, etc.) and send it all.
  • Before mailing the winning ticket, ensure you possess a photocopy of all the documents, including claim form and the winning ticket for a valid proof.
  • The lottery authorities are not responsible for mail, tickets, or claim forms that are late, damaged, misdirected, misaddressed, incomplete, or illegible.
  • The DC Lottery prize center distributes the winning amounts in the form of checks only.

Prizes Up To $600

  • Winning tickets up to $600 can be redeemed in person at any office of the lottery and gaming agent.
  • You can also visit the Office of Lottery and Gaming Prize Center to claim your winning amount.
  • Prize claims can also be mailed to the DC Lottery’s Prize Center.
  • If you are mailing the claim, it is essential to mail the original winning ticket along with a complete claim form to redeem your winning amount without any hassle.

Prizes More than $600, up to $5,000

  • For claiming prizes more than $600 to $5,000, you can visit the Office of Lottery and Gaming Prize Center.
  • Prize claims for this amount can also be mailed to the DC Lottery’s Prize Center.
  • The mailing ticket should be accompanied by a complete claim form and government-issued photo ID proofs including passport, driving license, social security card, etc.

Prizes Above $5,000

  • Prizes above $5,000 should be claimed by visiting the Office of Lottery and Gaming Prize Center.
  • Claim to prizes above $5,000 can also be mailed to the DC Lottery’s Prize Center.
  • Complete the claim form along with signing and filling the information on the back of your winning ticket, including a copy of your passport, social security card, and driver’s license and send it all to the mailing address.
  • You can also contact the Prize Center at 202-645-8000, for any additional guidance on claiming prizes above $5,000.

DC Lottery Mailing Address

DC Lottery Prize Center
2235 Shannon Place, SE
Washington, DC 20020

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