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Till 2005, North Carolina was the only US state on the east coast without a lottery. Finally, in 2005, NCEL (North Carolina Education Lottery) enacted but was soon charged with overseeing all aspects of the education lottery. 100% of NCEL net proceeds go directly to public schools.

What happens when you win?

First, confirm your numbers by paying a visit to your nearest retailer and scan your winning ticket. Once you are confirmed that you’ve won, keep your lottery ticket someplace safe. In case your winnings are $599 or below, you can claim your winnings hassle-free by just visiting the nearest lottery retailer in exchange for your winning ticket. But if your winnings are worth $600 or more, then the real hustle begins. You need to visit the official premises of the lottery to claim your winnings. It is advised that you take your time, assemble a professional team of tax attorneys, finance managers, accountants, etc before claiming your winnings. Visit the official headquarters of the North Carolina Lottery to fulfill the formalities. Confirm if your state allows you to claim you winnings anonymously.

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