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Hot Numbers

You can win from $30 to $6000 on every Pick4 game by matching a variety of play types with your desired numbers and combinations. The play types includes Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, Middle, Front Three, Back Three, Combo, 1-Off. After selecting the play type, you can choose your numbers, which draw you would like to join and how many draws you would like to enter.

EZ Match

For an extra $1 cost to your ticket, you can opt for EZ Match for a chance to win instant cash prizes. If your numbers on the ticket match the EZ Match numbers, you win the indicated prize amount.

The table below depicts the different ways you can play Pick 4 and how it affects your odds and prize payout potential.

Match Prize Odds (1 in) Payback Rates
Straight $6,000 10,000 6000%
Box (12-way) $500 833 60.02%
Straight + Box (12-way) - Straight match $3,250 10,000 32.50%
Straight + Box (12-way) - Box match $250 833 30.01%
Front 3 $600 1,000 60.00%
Back 3 $600 1,000 60.00%
Pair $60 100 60.00%

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