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The Pick 4 lottery lets you Pick your play, pick your way, pick your bet, pick up your ticket. The prize of the game depends on the wager you chose and the amount you spent. You have greater odds of winning, due to the variety of wagers available to play. The wagers include Straight Bet, Box Bets, Straight Bet/Box Bets, Front Pair/Back Pair Bets, Middle Pair, and Single Pair. Each play costs you a minimum of $0.50 or a maximum of $5 per ticket.

The table below depicts the different ways you can play Pick 4 and how it affects your odds and prize payout potential.

Prizes are based on $1 bet

Match Prize Odds
Straight (Exact Order) $5,000 1 in 10,000
Box 4-way (Any Order) $1,250 1 in 2,500
Box 6-way (Any Order) $834 1 in 1,667
Box 12-way (Any Order) $416 1 in 883
Box 24-Way (Any Order) $208 1 in 417
Front Pair $50 1 in 100
Back Pair $50 1 in 100
Middle Pair $50 1 in 100
Single Digit $5 1 in 10

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