In November 1969, the New Jersey voters approved the establishment of the State Lottery as part of the general election. The State Lottery is committed to providing revenue-generating entertainment products to help protect the retirement benefits of those who serve our communities, including New Jersey's, police officers, firefighters, teachers, and other public employees. Since its establishment, the New Jersey Lottery has awarded more than $42 billion in prizes and over $28 billion to the State.

Pick 6 XTRA was launched on May 9, 1980, as one of the first of its kind in the US. The format of the game underwent changes almost thrice. Until 2000, Pick 6 also drew a five-digit bonus number whose Exact Match entered the player into a special drawing where the top prize was $50,000 yearly in 20 installments, with no cash option. It was on January 15, 2015, that Pick 6 added XTRA feature to its game structure that multiplies the non-jackpot winnings. Since its creation, Pick 6 has been producing a considerable number of lottery winners and is fulfilling the dreams of many.

What happens when you win?

To affirm your win, dive in The Lottery Lab and confirm your New Jersey Lottery numbers with us. Lottery prizes up to $599 or less should be claimed at any authorized New Jersey Lottery Retailer, or you can also visit the New Jersey Lottery Office to claim your winnings. For prizes $599.50 and above, you should visit New Jersey Lottery district office or New Jersey Lottery Headquarters to claim your lottery winnings. You also have the option of mailing your lottery tickets with a complete claim form to redeem your lottery winnings. Ensure to sign your winning ticket before proceeding for the claiming process. Ensure to carry your government-issued photo ID proof and social security card while going for the claiming process. Fill the details at the back of your ticket for complete authentication. It is advised that you take your time, assemble a professional team of tax attorneys, finance managers, accountants, etc before claiming your winnings. Confirm if your state allows you to claim you winnings anonymously.
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