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House bill for texas lottery was first introduced on July 11 1991 and lottery sales in Texas were approved on November 5, 1991. They started with scratch-off lottery games and in 2003, they introduced draw games as well. Daily 4 is a part of the Texas state lottery since then and is helping in supporting the state education!

About The Commission

The Texas Lottery Commission administers the revenue generated and providing authorized organizations the opportunity to raise funds for their charitable purposes by conducting bingo in the State of Texas. The commission consists of three members which are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the senate for overlapping six-year terms. One of the members must have experience in the bingo industry. The governor appoints the Chair. The laws governing lottery and bingo activities contain extensive conflict-of-interest provisions that are applied to commission members, staff members as well as to game operators and sales agents.

Texas State Lottery Beneficiaries

Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales and unclaimed prizes go back to the community for -Education, Veterans, and some "Other State Programs"

Texas State Lottery Contact Information

Texas Lottery Commission
P.O. Box 16630
Austin, TX 78761-6630

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