Experiencing the thrill of having won the lottery! If you think you have matched the winning lottery numbers, here are the steps you should take to claim your prize.

Have I Won The Lottery?

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Before taking steps to claim your prize, double-check your numbers against the official drawing results with the ones drawn or visit our Lottery Results. This will help you confirm that you have correctly matched the winning numbers and know what prize amount will fill your pockets.

Who Can Claim Lottery Winnings?

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Once you confirm that you are a winner, Congratulations!! But remember, in MultiState Lottery winners must be 18 years in all the state lotteries of USA, except for Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi where it is 21, and Nebraska, where you should be 19 years or older.

Your next step is to sign the back of your ticket. Be aware that some U.S. state lotteries allow you to claim your lottery money as a trust so you can avoid revealing your identity. Check the anonymity policy of your state below to see what information they will make public. Also, some states permit lotteries to be claimed by groups, while others have special rules for lottery pools. If you are part of a lottery pool, the name that you sign to your winning ticket should take these rules into consideration.

How Long Do I Have To Claim My Prize?

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Lottery winners have 180-365 days from the date of drawing to claim their prize. If your lottery prize gives an option of claiming it as a lump sum or an annuity, winners have 60 days from the date they claim their prize to choose between payout options.

Where Should I Go To Claim My Lottery Prize?

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The answer to this question lies in, “how much have you won?”, or “what is the size of the prize?”. Prizes worth $599 or less can be claimed at lottery retailers. Prizes larger than this require that you stop by the regional offices of the state lottery or mail your claim following the instructions provided on the official site.

Prizes Up To $599

  • All the authorized lottery retailers are entitled to redeem prizes up to $599
  • Before heading out to the retailer, you must check the store policy as some stores may limit their payouts to $100 or less depending on staff and store policies
  • You can claim your winnings through mail too. Simply mail the signed ticket alongside some ID and a winner claim form, which is available from your local lottery office
  • You have to mail it to the address provided by the state lottery office for your jurisdiction

For Prizes $600 And More

  • You can claim the prizes $600 and above from a local district office, claim center or lottery headquarters
  • You can claim your winnings through mail too. Simply mail the signed ticket alongside some ID and a winner claim form, which is available from your local lottery office

For Jackpot Winners

  • If you have won the jackpot prize you must contact your state/jurisdiction lottery headquarters to arrange to claim the prize in person
  • It is unlikely that you will be able to claim a jackpot by mail, as thorough validation checks will need to be completed before the prize money is paid out

Can I Stay Anonymous After Winning The Lottery?

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The MultiState Lottery lottery commission website says that lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. Winners must publicly disclose their first name and the first initial of their last name. The location where the winning ticket was purchased is made publicly available. Winners may also choose to have their pictures taken for publicity purposes.

All lottery winner information is subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. Therefore, while some information may not be automatically shared with the public, requests for information may be granted.

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