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A Happy Story Of Best Friends Who Won $2 million in The Lottery

Posted: Tuesday, Dec 03,2019 | Time: 06:08 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff

Best Friends Who Won Lottery

We all have heard thousands of stories about how people won the lotteries and how their lives change forever. Some turn into money-grubbing jerks while others choose to live a simpler lifestyle. There are so many variations that we can hardly remember all the stories! And then, The Lottery Lab presents you with this story is about two best friends who won the lottery.

This story is about Martha McCallum and Susan Hook, two best friends. It’s a story about Love, Friendship, and Trust! These two women have been best friends for over 50 years. The pair has been through a lot in these years, including the deaths of their husbands.

The two best friends went on to buy the lottery ticket of BC/49 and match all six numbers to win the seven-figure prize. Both women were startled about this life-changing win. “I was on my coffee break when I decided to check the ticket,” said McCallum. “I thought ‘what do all the zeros mean? And I went back to work believe it or not,” she further elaborated in the press conference.

The winning day was not a usual day, it was the death anniversary of Susan’s husband. This day was always dreaded, but now it will something good to look back on. The pair got emotional when they realized they are millionaires now. “I am not a drinker, but I said ‘I need a glass of wine,’ and we cried together, said Hook. And that's how these two best friends won the lottery.

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After their husbands passed away, they had moved in together. They have been roommates for a while now. The pair decided to split the winning amount. When asked, what they will do with the prize, the pair said they want to fulfill their lifelong travel dreams and make their lives “comfortable but not flashy.” The best part is they STILL want to be roommates. Well, that’s what we call a real friendship!

Winning or losing is a part of life, but how graciously we take both situations says a lot about our personality. The pair didn’t argue about the money split, they kept their friendship above all. In this practical world, people hardly care about relationships. This story is a great example of friendship.

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