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Book Your Favorite Artist With Your Lottery Winnings

Posted: Thursday, Jan 09,2020 | Time: 06:09 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


After winning a big fat lottery jackpot, you can do a lot of expensive things you can’t even imagine. Going on a vacation, buying a home, buying a fancy car, diamonds, and designer clothes? Meh, that is too mainstream.  Every winner does that. Having your favorite artist over for a personal concert?  How cool is that? And, yes, it is completely possible! You can book your favorite artist for your big celebration!

Make your lottery winning party invariably entertaining by booking your favorite artist. Here is a list of some great artists along with their rates. Decide on your favorite one, or whoever fits your budget-

50 cent

No, 50 cent is not the price but the artist’s stage name. Of course, you know this already, because he is a popular artist. 50 cent is actually 500,000 times as expensive as his name suggests. You can arrange a phenomenal performance by paying just $250,000. He was once pelted with plastic bottles when he performed at England’s rock-centric Reading festival in 2004. However, that hasn’t held the bullet-wound-riddled rapper from commanding an astronomical fee as a live performer.


We will go all waka-waka for the princely sum of $300,000, which seems fair enough considering she’s an icon. When Shakira first moved to Madrid from South America just as she began to forge her music career, she was a free-spirited hippy. Well, it seems that huge live performance fees can go hand-in-hand with the love and peace ideal.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, the “dark horse” diva will entertain you with her heavenly performance for just $500,000. Considering she’s the pop queen and has ruled our hearts for a long time with her extreme talent, this huge sum seems quite fair. If we won the lottery, we’d be more than a little tempted!

Justin Timberlake

He’ll be in his “suit & tie” to perform live, exclusively for you, for a huge sum of $1 million. No cut-price rates where super-suave pop sensation J-T is concerned. But after spending a million, you can expect to witness some killer dance moves and the word is he’s actually a genuinely good singer! And a good actor too!

There are other artists like Justin Timberlake, who will cost you upwards of $1 million:

  • Bon Jovi
  • Dave Matthews
  • James Taylor
  • Justin Beiber
  • Maddona
  • Taylor Swift

Do you think they are too steep? Here are the musicians that will perform for you in less than $1 million:

  • Adele ($750k+)
  • Coldplay ($750k+)
  • Ellie Goulding ($100-200k+)
  • Foo Fighters ($500k+)
  • Green Day ($500k+)
  • Kanye West ($400-600k+)
  • Lady Gaga ($750k+)
  • Rihanna ($500-750k+)

Now that you have your list, decide which artist you want to have over for your celebration party. Enjoy!

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