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How Securing Your Ticket Can Save You From Losing A Lottery Jackpot

Posted: Monday, Aug 09,2021 | Time: 07:05 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


The moment I step into a convenience store and buy a lottery ticket, all I can think about is that big jackpot. What are my odds of winning a prize? Did I pick the right numbers?

Am I alone or do you feel the same?

When it comes to picking your lottery numbers, you can either use a Quick Pick, use your favorite numbers, or analyze past numbers using lottery tools. After marking the playslip that case of the “what ifs” sets in.

Maybe it is just me, but you might be able to identify with this experience. Of course, I think about “what if” my numbers are drawn and I win the jackpot. But I also start thinking, “what if” I forget about the ticket? I mean, I always put it someplace safe, but how many times have I lost my keys that way? Or “what if” I keep it with me, but then it falls out of my wallet? My winning ticket could end up just laying on the sidewalk anywhere in town.

After all, you can’t win a lottery without your ticket in hand. I don’t even want to think my ticket falling into the wrong hands! And by “wrong hands”, I mean anyone’s hands but mine!.

Look at what I’ve done! I’m all worked up over losing my jackpot. I should have secured that lottery ticket! Give me a minute to get myself back together.

OK, let’s try again.

The only proof that you are a winner is your lottery ticket (not the playslip). A ticket is a legal document that records a player’s entry into a lottery drawing. At a minimum, it contains the date and time the ticket was purchased, the drawing(s) that the ticket is valid for, and the player’s selected playing options. Your lottery ticket is a bearer’s instrument. That means that the lottery commission assumes the person in possession of the ticket is the ticket’s owner. The only way to prove that the ticket holder is not the ticket owner is by signing the back of the ticket. More than one winner has been cheated out of their prize simply because they didn’t sign their ticket. You are responsible for the accuracy of your ticket. From selecting the digits to choosing add-on game options, the state lottery is not responsible for whatever error your ticket might have.

But the question is what to do after confirming that your ticket is accurate?

How Can You Secure Your Lottery Ticket?

Sign Your Ticket

A lottery ticket is just a bearer instrument. It has no ownership information recorded on it. Instead, the ticket is regarded as owned by whoever physically possesses it. Whoever holds the ticket is entitled to the prize it wins. This is why it is so important to sign the back of your ticket so that you can claim complete ownership of your winnings. It is also important to sign the back of your ticket because the name used on the ticket is usually the name that the state uses when it announces the winner. Some states, allow their winners to claim the prize in the name of a trust or as part of a lottery pool.

Check The Rules

Before playing any lottery, it is important to check the rules of the state you have bought the ticket from. When you have a winning ticket in your hands, you need to know what are the rules that apply to your situation. It is important to check the timelines for claiming your prize and the place where you can collect or claim your winnings using your lottery ticket.

Have A Safe Space

The foremost thing to do with a lottery ticket is to keep it somewhere where it won't get lost easily. This could be any place, a folder with all your important documents, or a chest where you keep your critical files. If you are a frequent lottery player it is a smart choice to always keep the tickets in the same place. The place should be safe enough that if someone knows that you own a winning ticket, none of them can ever find it!


There are a number of players who have forgotten that they ever purchased a ticket or the date of the drawing for which they purchased a ticket. So, it is always better to put a Reminder on your phone. That way you won’t forget about the ticket you purchased and its drawing date and time.

A Forgotten Ticket Can Cost Millions Of Dollars

Ian Galtress’s Story Of Losing A “Might Be A Winner” Ticket

On March 15, 2015, Ian Galtress from Wirral purchased two tickets, one for himself and the other for his girlfriend. To his surprise, his girlfriend's ticket was just one number away from winning but Ian couldn't find his ticket in his pockets. He actually appealed to the Lottery Commission, guessing that since his girlfriend’s ticket just missed one digit from winning, his ticket could be the winner. The search for his ticket actually left him quite disturbed and eventually, his life began to fall apart.

Peter DeLuca's Lost Millionaire Ticket

According to lottery officials, Peter DeLuca, a resident of Michigan, purchased a lottery ticket from a grocery store in Sterling Heights and almost forgot about it. Two months after the drawing, he found the ticket in his car and took it to a local 7-11 to check whether his numbers won something or not. To his utter surprise, the ticket did win a prize. As the clerk read the numbers off, he was shocked to learn that the ticket was worth a $1 million jackpot. According to DeLuca, he was pretty lucky to find his ticket; otherwise, he would have lost the prize without even knowing about it.

Lessons Learnt To Protect Your Lottery Ticket

✅Sign The Back Of Your Ticket

✅Keep Your Ticket In A Safe Place

✅Set A Reminder

✅Mark The Drawing Date On Your Calendar

✅Keep A Check On The Winning Numbers

✅Don’t Share The News Of You Winning A Lottery

It is important to note that winning a lottery means nothing without a ticket in your hand. No matter how many numbers you may have matched, you will not be able to claim your big win until and unless you present a valid lottery ticket. This is the very reason why we encourage players to secure their lottery tickets. Since we realize, how much effort it takes to pick the digits that match the ones reflected by the drawing machine, it is our responsibility to guide you through securing your lottery ticket and help you not miss a million-dollar lottery win.

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