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Lottery Winners Who Never Got Their Money!

Posted: Tuesday, Sep 10,2019 | Time: 10:22 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Winning a lottery can feel like a dream come true. Just imagine the joy and excitement you will feel. The plans lottery winners start making after knowing that they’ve just won a big jackpot. But in real life, collecting a jackpot can be a little tricky. There have been various cases where people won the lottery but never got their money!

1. The $5 million underaged winner

In July 2017, a man from California was disappointed by the lottery authorities. He was denied a hefty prize of $5 million because his son bought the winning lottery ticket for him and the son was just 16 years old at that time. Ward Thomas sent his son to buy a batch of scratch-off lottery tickets and one of those, hit the jackpot. After validation of the ticket, they went ahead to claim it. But they were denied their winnings and were told that only adults over 16 could buy lottery tickets.

Ward Thomas is currently planning to sue the California Lottery Commission. The lawsuit will be for breach of contract and negligence. The commission hasn’t responded to the allegations yet, but this is definitely a case we’ll continue following to find out how US courts proceed. Make sure you know the rules before you start playing the lottery.

2. You are 7 seconds late!

Joel Ifergan, another man who has been denied his millions, comes from Canada. He is an accountant from Quebec and in 2008, he decided to buy a Lotto Super 7 ticket and the combination he played granted him $27 million (Canadian Dollars). But it turns out that Joel’s winning ticket was printed seven seconds after the end of the deadline for the respective drawing.

Joel decided to sue the lottery commission and the case reached the Supreme Court of Canada. After a seven-year-long legal battle, the court ruled against Joel in 2015. The Supreme court ruled out that Joel had no right to a payment due to the fact that the lottery’s regulations were clear and announced in advance.

3. Legal Impediments

The Illinois lottery angered many people in 2015. A new law had been passed regarding the payout of lottery prizes. While they waited for a hearing on the bill, the Illinois Lottery announced that it would only be capable of paying out prizes under $25,000. A lot of the lottery players were not happy with this announcement, especially Ronda Rasche. She won a scratch-off lottery and was expecting $50,000 soon. She said if she was expected to make a payment and refused, she would be sued. That is why she thinks she needs to take the matter to court in an attempt to speed things up.

families participated in the class-action lawsuit.

Ronda started a class-action lawsuit together with other disappointed lottery winners. Danny Chasteen, who won $250,000, was also experiencing the same situation and participated in the class-action lawsuit. According to an estimate, there were people awaiting combined prizes totaling $288 million from the Illinois Lottery. Ronda and Danny are suing for fraud because of false advertising of immediate prize payouts. If the lawsuit goes through successfully, the winners will be paid 5% on top of the sum that they’ve won. Let’s see what happens!

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