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How to Play Pick4

Missouri Pick4 Playing Options

You have two options to play pick4-

  • Quick Pick Method: Ask for a “Quick Pick” ticket and let the computer system pick numbers for you to play. It is a suitable option when you don’t have a strategy or number combination to play. Moreover, Quick Pick ticket sale percentage is 12.61% in Missouri for Pick 4.
  • Marking numbers on Playslip: Select the numbers on your Playslip manually to play your desired numbers.

EZ Match

This is an add-on bet which requires you to pay for an additional $1 to play EZ Match per Pick 4 play. Start by filling out a Pick 4 EZ Match Playslip printed on the Pick4 ticket just below the Pick4 numbers to play EZ Match. You will get a separate EZ Match ticket printed for each play. Choose any four EZ Match numbers to play EZ Match numbers. Those four numbers will be printed on the back of your ticket. You’re an instant winner if any of the drawn numbers match the number picked by your (regardless of the order). You’ll receive the amount printed next to the matched EZ Match play number.

1-Off (one up or one down, you win!)

This is another add-on bet which can be placed for an additional $1. Basically, ask for this bet and in case you have the number one up or down to the drawn numbers, you’re a winner.

Play Types of Missouri Pick4

  • Straight: To win this bet, match your number in exact order with the drawn numbers.
  • Box: To win this bet, match your number in any order with the drawn numbers.
  • Straight/Box: To win this bet, match your number in exact or any order with the drawn numbers. It covers you from both straight and box bet.
  • Front Pair: To win this bet, get the first two numbers in exact order with the drawn numbers.
  • Back Pair: To win this bet, get the last two numbers in exact order with the drawn numbers.
  • Middle: To win this bet, get the middle two numbers in exact order with the drawn numbers.
  • Front Three: To win this bet, match the first three numbers drawn in exact order.
  • Back Three: To win this bet, match the last three numbers drawn in exact or
  • Combo: offers you all possible three-number combinations of the chosen numbers for an exact-order win.
  • 1-Off: you are a winner if your numbers are 1-off the drawn numbers.

Drawing Date and Time for Missouri Pick4

There are two drawings held for Pick 4 a day, Midday at 12:45 pm and Evening at 8:59 pm. Players can participate in either Midday, Evening or both depending on which draw they want to play. The lottery takes a break from ticket sales from 12:45 to 12:59 pm (Midday draw break) and from 8:59 to 9:15 pm (Evening draw break).

Official Results of Missouri Pick4

To find out whether you won or not, do this:

  • View the winning numbers on official website!
  • Get your free subscription on Newsletter Signup.
  • Lottery hotline numbers:
    Jefferson City: (573) 751-1111
    Kansas City: (816) 795-0203
    Springfield: (417) 888-4271
    St. Louis: (314) 340-5805
  • Visit the nearest Lottery office.
  • Check your local newspapers, radio and TV stations.
  • Visit your nearest lottery retailers.

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Pick 4 is a super fun daily lotto game available exclusively in Missouri state. You can win cash prizes by matching your numbers with the drawn numbers.

On top of this page, you will see the latest winning numbers of the latest Pick 4 draw.

The legal age to play Pick 4 is 18 years in Missouri.

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Rules Governing Pick4

  • Purchasing a lottery ticket for minors (below 18 years) is illegal.
  • The lottery association is authorized to prevail officially drawn numbers over any other number posted over the website in case of any discrepancy.
  • Players are fully responsible for checking their ticket to make sure that it represents the accurate information including game, draw date, numbers requested, visible barcode and serial number.
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Claiming a Prize from the Pick4 Lottery

Congratulations On Winning!

  • Claim your prize before the deadline, i.e. within 180 days of the drawing for draw games and 180 days from the game end date for scratch games

Quick Facts

  • Game type: Daily Lotto
  • Game Format: 4/10 (0-9)
  • Game availability:Exclusively available in Missouri only.
  • Game draw days and time: Drawings take place twice a day, midday at 12:45 PM and evening at 8:59 PM.
  • Minimum jackpot amount: No Jackpot
  • Minimum cash prize: $1.
  • Minimum age to play: 18
  • Jackpot odds:1 in 10,000
  • Game add-on option: EZ Match and 1-Off
  • Ticket cost: $1 per play an extra $1 for add-on bet.
  • Jackpot payment options: Lump-sum.
  • Lottery operator: Missouri State Lottery.

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