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How Can Playing The Same Numbers Help You?

Posted: Wednesday, Nov 28,2018 | Time: 09:35 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


You may have heard that sticking to the same numbers every time you play the lottery can increase your chances of winning. But does it? And if it does, how? If you play the lottery regularly, you might want to change the way you pick your numbers. Before sticking a set of numbers, make sure that the numbers you play are worthy ones. First, a combination of numbers wins the jackpot, not the individual numbers. Second, try to play numbers that belong to the different groups (i.e. Even-Odd, Hot-Cold, Highs-Lows, etc.). Players apply strong mathematical perception to form a good set of numbers. Once you’re sure that you have a good set of numbers, don’t let them go. Play the same set of numbers consistently and never miss a drawing. Most lotteries make this easy by allowing players to purchase consecutive tickets with the same numbers. One reason to keep playing the same numbers is that each set of numbers has the same probability of appearing. And if you stick with the same numbers, you will hit the jackpot eventually. And playing the same number isn’t going to hurt you. Psychologically, playing the same number is a way to avoid regret. imagine that you had been playing the same number but you wanted to try new numbers and gave up on your usual set. How would you feel if your old numbers appeared in the drawing?  You would certainly wish you had played those numbers just one more time. Take the example of Kevin Blake. He had been playing the same numbers and buying his ticket from the same grocery store for as long as he could remember. On October 13th, 2017, his wife saw the familiar numbers displayed as the winning number. They won a jackpot worth $21 million. For them, playing the same number all these years was worth it. For another example of a man playing the same numbers for 18 years and winning finally, read here! So, keep playing!

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