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Introducing The Newest Tool Of The Lottery Lab: The Lottery Simulation!

Posted: Wednesday, Mar 04,2020 | Time: 12:06 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Introducing The Newest Tool Of The Lottery Lab: The Lottery Simulation!

How does it feel to play your favorite lottery virtually and win?

The Lottery Lab has lots of exciting tools to make playing the lottery fun and easier for you! Now we introduce a simulation tool to give you a real-time experience of playing your favorite lotteries such as the Powerball and Mega Millions. Feel what it is like to play and win!

We take pride in offering the thrill of playing and winning the lottery without charging a single penny! Our new simulation tool is a virtual platform that works exactly like actual lottery games. The platform creates the same environment and the thrill that you experience while playing an authentic lottery.

To play your favorite lottery in the simulation tool, first pick your state or try a different state. A drop-down menu lets you select your desired state you want to play the lottery from. After this, you simply select the lottery you are interested in playing. A special feature appears named, ‘play mode’ that sets the level of difficulty of your game. You are offered a drop-down option for this that gives you options like “easy”, “normal”, “lucky”, and “winner”. This feature actually sets the parameter of probability making it easier or more difficult for you to win, depending upon the option you picked.

After filling all these options, you’ll encounter another drop-down menu for ‘play options’. This option is available for daily draw number games like Pick 3, Pick4, Daily 3, and Daily 4. Just like in real lotteries, you get to opt for the wager type you want to play. Then it is time to enter your desired numbers and click on ‘play’. You can also play your favorite lottery on more than one ticket at a time and your wallet balance will be deducted accordingly. And finally hitting the play button will get you instant results! Quick, easy, and fun, right?

For playing the lottery simulation you need wallet credit. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just by signing up on the simulation tool of The Lottery Lab, you get a wallet credit of $1000. As long as your credits last, you can enjoy your simulation drawings. To continue playing, you can refill your wallet and enjoy playing your favorite lottery! The side panel will showcase the current balance in your wallet and the balance you will have after playing that game. This way you do not have to worry about keeping track of your credits.

The all-new Lottery Lab is set to provide you with a thrilling real-time experience with the aim of making the lottery more fun and easier for you! We feel extremely gratified in offering you the simulation of playing and winning the lottery without spending an extra penny! Sign up today and step a little closer to your dream of winning big!

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