Oregon man beats cancer… Twice and Wins $4.6 Million!

Posted: Tuesday, Nov 05,2019 | Time: 09:28 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff

Oregon man wins $4.6 million

An Oregon man beat cancer. Then he beat it again. Then he won the lottery. He seems to be his own lucky charm. Stu MacDonald of Bend used to buy Oregon Lottery tickets every week, and every week, his wife Claudia used to tell him to "get the winning ticket." Read further to know how this Lucky Oregon man wins $4.6 million!

She forgot to tell him on Sept. 7, the Oregon Lottery said. But he ended up buying a winning ticket worth $4.6 million. He was overwhelmed with his win and said, I am a very lucky guy. First I beat cancer and then I won the Lottery.”

After taxes, he took home about $1.5 million. He purchased the quick pick ticket from a cafe that got a selling bonus of $46,000, as stated by the lottery. For obvious reasons, MacDonald hadn't agreed to any interviews or to release any images of himself, according to a spokesman for the Oregon Lottery. Therefore, you'll have to imagine the grin on his face when he found out about his winnings.

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MacDonald is lucky, indeed. Winning the lottery is exceedingly rare. The average person's odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302,575,350. That's about 292,200 times less likely than being born with extra fingers or toes (those odds are about 1 in 500).

Unlucky odds won't stop people from trying to get lucky anyway. For one Canadian man, it worked: After playing the same numbers for 30 years, he finally won $60 million in October. He waited nearly 10 months to pick up his earnings, which he said he'd put toward a new home and a family vacation. if you want to increase your odds of winning, please visit The Lottery Lab. There you can find useful tools for analysing the numbers you want to play and much more. Good luck!

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