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Woman Wins Pick-4 Thirty Times in One Day

Posted: Wednesday, Apr 24,2019 | Time: 12:15 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Deborah Brown, a resident of Virginia, managed to win the lottery 30 times a single day, completely beating the staggering odds. She bought 20 Pick 4 tickets for the Virginia Lottery and all of them had the same four digits for the same drawing to be held on February 11, 2019. Later that day, she decided to purchase 10 more tickets with the same 4 digits for the same drawing. Her four-digit lucky combination is 1-0-3-1. She said, “A couple of times during the day, I saw those numbers and I was 'really feeling it’.”

And she was right to follow her intuition, because when the lottery was drawn later that day those numbers were drawn and each of her 30 tickets scooped a $5,000 prize - 30 times, netting her an impressive $150,000 in total.

In a Pick 4 lottery game, you need to get all four numbers in the exact order to win the prize. The prize is worth $5,000 and the chances of winning are 1 in 10,000 for a $1 lottery bet. Therefore, it was utterly surprising when Deborah’s numbers showed up and she pocketed a cash prize worth $150,000 in a game designed to have a prize worth $5,000.

She said she “nearly had a heart attack seeing her numbers coming up”, which is a pretty standard reaction for anyone winning $150,000 unexpectantly. She said, she “doesn't have any immediate plans for her winnings but is considering some home renovations” while speaking to a representative of the Virginia Lottery.

Technical Warning

When you buy multiple lottery tickets, you have two choices: buy tickets with different numbers or buy tickets with the same number (like Deborah).  If you buy tickets with different numbers, you increase the odds that you will have a winning ticket, but you will only receive the prize once.  If you buy tickets with the same number, the odds of winning will be the same as if you only bought one ticket, but when you win, you will win the prize once for each ticket you have. 

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