Are Powerball Drawings Really Random?

Many people let the Quick Pick option select randomly generated numbers for them. These people hope that the selected numbers will give them an advantage because they believe that all the numbers have an equal probability of being selected. But even if Quick Pick numbers are really random, does that apply to the lottery itself? As an example, consider the Powerball drawing. Winning numbers are selected from two clear containers. One container contains 69 white balls with integers from 1 to 69 printed on the balls. The other container contains 26 red balls with integers from 1 to 26 printed on them. The balls are dropped into their respective containers and mixed by injecting air into the bottom of the container. Before each ball is drawn, the air is stopped and a ball is raised from the bottom and removed from the container. This procedure is repeated once for each the five white balls and once for the red ball. On the surface, this seems like a reasonable procedure to randomize a

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