Breaking the Bank: Joseph Jaggers

A man entered the Beaux-Arts Monte Carlo Casino and netted roughly $20 million in today’s dollars by playing roulette. The year was 1873 and the man was Joseph Jacques. The question is how did he manage to win such an astronomical amount from such a famous casino? Jaggers was a cotton mill engineer from Yorkshire. He was fascinated by the roulette wheel when he took his first visit to the casino. He thought that there might be a certain pattern or mechanical way to predict the behavior of the roulette wheel. As an engineer with years of experience making cotton spindles spin, he thought he might be able to beat a gambling machine.  So, he planned to observe the working of the roulette wheel. He hired 6 clerks to observe and gather data about numbers generated by roulette wheels for 12 hours a day. The clerks recorded the movement of the roulette wheel and Joseph analyzed all that data. He cracked the pattern in six and got what he wanted – a pattern. The pattern he found was a b

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