Severe Punishment for Lottery Rigging in China

This is the unfortunate story of Zhao Liqun, who is serving a life sentence in prison for spotting a flaw in the China Welfare Lottery. In 2005, Zhou, 36, was working as a ticket seller in the province of Anshan when he exploited a bug to win 3 separate times grabbing a total prize of 28 million Yuan ($3.6 million). Zhou discovered that the lottery’s computer system would allow a user to purchase a ticket up to five minutes after the announcement of the winning numbers. This flaw would allow a player to purchase a ticket with the winning numbers after the drawing was over then claim the winning jackpot. Zhou convinced his neighbors and friends to join him in the scheme by cashing the ticket at the lottery center and bringing the money back to him. By involving his friends and neighbor, Zhou assumed that his involvement would go unnoticed. He was successful in claiming a prize three times. But there was one small problem with Zhou’s plan that grabbed the att

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