Lottery 'Security Issues' Known Months Before Game Shutdown

Months before Connecticut Lotterys 5 Card Cash game was suspended, lottery officials knew there was a "security issue" that eventually allowed the game to be rigged, according to a four-month investigation by the News8 Investigators. 5 Card Cash, an instant win game, was suspended on November 14, 2015 after it was discovered that retailers were using a flaw in the computer system to rig the game to buy only winning tickets. The problem was the printer, say state investigators. If retailers ordered 20 tickets, called a " repeat 20", and then looked at the computers ticket history page, numbers of tickets would be displayed before actually printing. winning were printed losers cancelled being purchased. 5 card cash started an impossible hot streak. certain locations sold 65 to 80 percent winners, according court records. eight retailers are charged with rigging, computer crimes larceny. all cases still pending none have pleaded guilty. investigators fro

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