Who Are The Prominent Lottery Winners?

Posted: Monday, Mar 02,2020 | Time: 11:52 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Who Are The Prominent Lottery Winners?

Winning a lottery has always been synonymous with making a person’s life. It’s not always luck that helps you win or lose a lottery. At times, it just comes down to picking the right numbers. Whether it is a result of practice, luck analyzing the past lottery results in depth, the lottery requires effort. For lotteries, it's often said that you have to play to win. But what after you win the lottery? There’s no escape from this fact that winning a lottery can irrevocably change your life. Lottery stories routinely feature themes such as rags-to-riches, tragic mistakes, or unbelievable tricks guiding people to success.. Let’s have a look at some stories of the most prominent winners of all time.

#1 Michael Carroll

Image Source - thesun.co.uk 

Michael Carroll - “The King Of Chavs” is known as the most notorious lottery winner in history. Carroll was 19 when he won £9,736,131 from the National Lottery jackpot back in 2012. He launched a lavish lifestyle of excessive debauchery as soon as he got his hands on the lottery winnings. His lavish spendings included a huge mansion, high-end cars, parties, women, and drugs.

Unsurprisingly, Carroll couldn’t maintain the spending needed for this lavish lifestyle and in the end he lost all of his winnings. He took a job at a biscuit factory and has changed jobs many times since. He was last seen working at a slaughterhouse in 2016, earning a mere £400 a week.

#2 Stefan Mandel