Man Used His Powerball Winnings to Fund Fire Station

We hear many stories about lottery winners. Some winners relentlessly consume their winnings and end up bankrupt. Others make smart choices and change their lives for the better. Here is a story of good works which will inspire you. A Missouri man won $200 million in the Powerball lottery and used a significant portion of his winnings to fund the construction of a fire station in his town.  Mark Hill, a resident of Missouri, won the Powerball lottery in 2012. When he was asked how he planned on spending his money, he said he still had to figure it out. After taking the lump sum cash option, he used some of the cash to adopt two children, build a bigger house, and take foreign vacations. He did not quit his job and he was careful about what he spent. Instead, he started making essential and reasonable spending decisions. He even funded the construction of a state-of-the-art fire station in Camden Point, Missouri. The new facility was completed in mid-2016 and it was officially dedicated in a ceremony in July of 2016.  Mark was more than happy to finance the project because it was close to his heart. The volunteer firefighters had saved the life of his father twice. Mark said he was proud to be a part of the project and he and his wife are thankful that they were able to give back to the firefighters. He was also decided that he doesn’t want any special recognition for the good deed. He said if he and his wife could build the fire station without anybody knowing that they are building it, that’s exactly what they would have done.  Mark said, “People [who win the lottery] go crazy and start to spend their money relentlessly and then blame the lottery for making their lives miserable. But winning the lottery can be a life-changing moment in a good way too, only if you know how you wanna spend your money. You feel empty if you spend your money on selfish deeds. If you want to feel satisfied give away some of your money for charitable deeds as well.”

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